Lauren Knutson - Instructor

Lauren Knutson, RYT200, is a graduate of the Vivekananda Research Institute, Alignment Yoga and Holy Yoga (yes, a little yoga obsessed). She lives in Sun Prairie, WI. with her three energetic children and very supportive husband. Long before Lauren began the asana practice of yoga, she was introduced to meditation. From that time, at age 11, she was lured into the contemplative life where there she first heard the whisperings of God calling her nearer. Yoga has been a practice of co-habitation, worship and devotion for the loving God she serves.  Lauren has been blessed beyond measure to have found the Holy Yoga community and hopes that others will come to enjoy yoga and be filled with Christ's living water.

What people are saying about holy yoga...

I have really enjoyed taking Lauren’s Holy Yoga class this summer.  I often find myself reflecting on the scripture  she shares in class during the rest of the week.  The class is helping me to grow stronger physically and also spiritually.

-Janet Hunerdosse

For the past thirty years or so I have been searching for the missing pieces in my spiritual journey.  This path lead me to Holy Yoga, a Christ-centered yoga class. The pieces gently fell into place.  During relaxation at the end of class, I felt like I was swaddled in God's arms. I knew I had found my new place of church. I have found a community of faith, support and friendship.

Terri Quentmeyer-Yapp

I have never been someone who is into Yoga. I never took a yoga class. Then, a friend invited me to Holy Yoga. That sounded interesting, so I thought I would check it out. The first class was OK, but seemed slow compared to the other exercise classes I was used to. I thought that it probably wasn't time as well spent as when I go to my other exercise classes. Never-the-less, I thought I should really give it more of a least 5 classes, before I made a firm determination of how I felt about it. With each class, I became more excited to attend the next one. Now, after attending classes for about 8 months, my Holy Yoga practice is truly one of the best things that I do for myself each week. I do NOT want to miss a single class!

Our Holy Yoga class with Lauren provides me with a great feeling of rejuvenation, encouragement and relaxation throughout my body and my spirit. I feel spiritually filled, just as if I have come from an awesome worship and Bible study session. God often uses our class to speak to me / teach me regarding spiritual issues that I am currently dealing with. My body feels great & relaxed after class, just as if I have come from a nice, full body massage. Besides all this, I am gaining strength, flexibility and balance. I LOVE our Holy Yoga class! It is a highlight of my week and a beautiful blessing to me. Lauren is an excellent leader with much knowledge, gentleness, kindness, beauty and she is filled with God's love for us. Lauren has worked with me on my few physical limitations to help me find modifications that will work for my body. I thank Lauren for being willing to do this important work for God by serving all of us so beautifully.

With Much Gratitude,

Pat Broderick



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